Precision engineering and precision mechanics are the core competencies at Eichler-Holzäpfel. Our mission is to develop solutions not anybody is able to come up with.

We are in the favorable position to choose from a broad range of production techniques, applying state-of-the-art engineering methods, and using first-class machinery of renowned manufacturers and we attach great importance to it. The machinery we use, allows us to process a multitude of materials across the whole engineering process – from initial design to final adjustment. Due to this high level of vertical integration we are able to process orders efficiently and flexibly and 100% in-house.

To sustainably ensure highest engineering quality in every detail and on the whole, we regularly invest in our machinery and we actively manage the knowledge and skills of our excellent staff.

CNC milling machines

Processing centre with palette changer
Mikron / Hermle / DMG
max. machine travel
X800 x Y600 x Z550
5axes (NC indexing table)

CNC lathes

Spinner / Colchester Harrison / Weiler
Max. operative range
Swing pitch 360 and centre distance 1200

CNC-controlled precision,
surface, and profile grinding machines

Jung / Z&B
Max. machine travel
X1050 x Y550 x Z600

Universal grinder

Karstens internal and external
Max. operative range 340 x 1000

Cavity sinking EDM

Max. machine travel
X500 x Y400 and 6x changer


Wire EDM machines

Max. machine travel
X550 x Y350 x Z400


FeatureCAM, Ezcam, Peps

3D Laser marker

Max. operative range
max. X360 x Y275 x Z390

Gauging machine

Derby / Tesa
Max. operative range
X457 x Y508 x Z406