Special-purpose machines

The construction of special-purpose machines requires continuous communication with the customer. Only if we are in a permanent dialog with the, we are able to come up with great solutions.

No matter if machine design is up to Eichler-Holzäpfel or the customer – we apply a continuous improvement process and investigate on the potentials of optimization at each stage of the engineering process. If needed, we come up with suggestions and recommendations regarding alterations, corrections, or cost reductions.

Among the special-purpose machines we do produce for our customers are:

  • contact-processing machines
  • pick-and-place machines, and
  • (manual) assembly workstations.

Jigs and fixtures

Decades of experience in and dedication to precision engineering and processing qualifies us for construction and production of jigs and fixtures.

We are the company to turn to when it comes to custom made workpiece carriers and clamping devices that are highly functional, easy to use, reliable in everyday operations, easy to maintain, and durable.

We are always aware of the criticality of our products in the manufacturing processes of our customers. And we know that it is important that supplier and customer know each other well to jointly develop outstanding solutions together. Many of our customers have been partnering with us for decades. They value our dedication and passion to work on the optimization of each solution until the smallest detail has been agreed to be perfect.

Among the jigs and fixtures parts we do produce for our customers are

  • measuring and testing devices,

  • cutting devices,
  • clamping devices, and
  • workpiece carriers.

Precision parts

Eichler-Holzäpfel is leading when it comes to precision parts made of steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metal, aluminum, and synthetic materials. We guarantee highest precision and tightest tolerances. Our staff will not be satisfied until customer requirements are fully met.

State-of-the-art technology, exceptional employee motivation, and 40 years of business and market experience stand for sustainable quality at the highest level.

Among the precision parts we do produce for our customers are

  • cutting tools,
  • reference gages, and
  • spare parts / wear-and-tear parts. 


A company that is skilled and knowledgeable with regard to jigs and fixtures and in the area of special-purpose machines has naturally deep knowledge in construction, too. Customers asking for solution and practice oriented product or developments according to their specifications, Eichler-Holzäpfel can act as a full system provider. 

We use simulation and photorealistic techniques to review constructional sketches and match them with customer requirements.

Control and automation engineering

Developing economic control and automation solutions is another major field of expertise of Eichler-Holzäpfel. Together with our experienced, long-time collaboration partner, we develop complex and innovative solutions for our customers – from initial planning to the delivery of the final control unit plus software.

We develop custom-made concepts according to the customer’s specifications – solution oriented, easy to maintain, and in line with the budget.