Quality management

To Eichler-Holzäpfel, quality management means more than just keeping the level of quality once achieved. We are aware that the quality of our products substantially contributes to the success of our customers. This makes us very proud – and it motivates us every day to get even better!

We conduct comprehensive quality management to ensure the high level of quality regarding all products that leave our house. Our quality experts continuously monitor and supervise all operations and work on the optimization of all processes and methods at Eichler-Holzäpfel.

Systematic continuing education and on-the-job training of our staff is self-evident to us. Involving our staff in decision-making processes is a core element of our quality management strategy. The trust and confidence we have in our staff has always paid off.

Eichler-Holzäpfel is certified against DIN EN 9001-2015.